Senior Checklist After your session

Within a week after your session, you should receive notification that your previews are available.

1.      Access and view your previews on our website using the password that you chose at your session.

2.      Review your images paying particular attention to expressions and posing. Remember, your previews are just the starting point in the creative process. They are often not cropped or adjusted to perfection. All cropping, color adjustments, B&W conversions, etc. are done in the final printing of your enlargements.

3.      Use the available order forms (summary and package) to begin the process of choosing your final prints. Packages will save you some money, but not enough to order a package if it includes prints that you will not use. Its best to start with the number of prints that you will need, and decide which images are best suited to those needs.

4.      Make notes about each image on how you would like to see the image printed. This may include cropping directions, conversion to black & white, etc. Identify each image by the image number located below each frame in the Online Gallery. Feel free to discuss printing options with us. We will likely have opinions about what will work well.

5.      Decide if you would like your name on your wallets and how you would like it to appear. Wallets can be labeled in white for no charge. Colored imprints and digital signatures require an additional fee.

6.      If you need a yearbook print, decide which image you would like printed. Note: Different schools have different requirements for yearbook submissions.

7.      Make an appointment to finalize your enlargement order. This can be attended by just the parent(s) or just the senior, but it is often best if it is a joint session. There are often questions that come up during the final ordering that can only be answered by either the parents or the senior.

8.      Approximately three weeks after placing your order, your enlargements should be ready. Make arrangements to pick them up, or if you paid for shipping, they will be delivered to your home.