Bride & Groom - Please consider the following options.

___Pre-wedding Day Portraits - Many couples would prefer to have their portraits made prior to the wedding day.  This allows for more time and a more relaxed atmosphere.  Before choosing this option, consider whether it is important to you to have the bridal bouquet and groom's corsage in the bridal portraits.  If so, be prepared to have a duplicates made for the day of the portraits.  This option allows the bride & groom's portraits to be created in another location than the church or reception hall.  It also allows the creation of a Signature Portrait, which would be displayed at the reception.  A Signature Portrait is a portrait of the bride and groom taken prior to the wedding day (casual or formal) and displayed with a wide mat around the print.  Guests sign their names and best wishes on the mat rather than a guest register.  This gives the Wedding Couple a cherished keepsake that will remind them of the friends and family with which they shared their wedding day.

___Pre-ceremony Portraits - Taking the bride & groom's portraits prior to the ceremony allows them to concentrate on their guests and the reception after the wedding ceremony.  This option works well for couples that are not concerned about the traditional "groom is not allowed to see the bride before the ceremony".  It is also the time when make-up and hair are at their best.

___Post-ceremony Portraits - Portraits of the bride and groom taken soon after their wedding ceremony can capture the energy and love of the commitment that just occurred.

Wedding Day Preparation

__Mother adjusting veil

__Placing the garter on the Bride

__Bride pinning corsage on Mother

__Bride pinning flower on Father

__Portrait of Bride and Parents

__Bride leaving house



Prior to Ceremony at the Church

__Groom & Groomsmen

__Groom with Best Man

__Groom with Best Man and Minister

__Signing marriage certificate

__Bride's mother coming down aisle

__Groom's mother coming down aisle

__Others coming down aisle


   ___________________________________   During Ceremony

Please make the photographer aware of any special photo-opportunities that will occur during the ceremony (see Outline of Ceremony on prev. page).



After the Ceremony

__Receiving line

__Recreated ceremony photos



__Wedding Party

__Bride & Groom's portraits



__Receiving line

__Guests signing book or print

__Wedding Cake and Food Preparations

__Wedding Party toasts


__Bride & Father

__Groom & Mother

__First dance

__Bride throwing bouquet

__Groom & garter

__Cutting cake

__Bride & Groom's hands with rings & flowers

__Group family portraits





Please feel free to expand on this list with your own ideas or other lists.