Thank you for choosing Oak Haven Photography for your wedding photography.  We are looking forward to sharing this time with you.  Our experience has shown that a little prior planning can go a long way toward keeping the focus of your wedding day on track.  The following is a list of photography planning tips and a checklist of desired photographs.  Please take the time to fill this out and return it to the studio prior to the wedding day.  It will be well worth your time.  Thank you.


Bride's Name __________________________    Groom's Name _________________________

Address ______________________________    Address_______________________________

_____________________________________    _____________________________________

Phone No. ____________________________    Phone No. ____________________________

Wedding Date: _________________________    Location:  _____________________________

Wedding Coordinator: ____________________    Phone No._____________________________

Caterer: ______________________________    Florist: _______________________________

Bridal Party

No. of Groomsmen: ___________    Best Man's Name: ________________________________

No. of Bridesmaids:___________    Maid or Matron of Honor's Name: ___________________

Contact Person (Name of person to help identify & track down family members, etc. for group portraits)


Can flash be used during the ceremony? (Often this is set by church policy.)___Yes    ___No

Largest group expected to be photographed.  5-10   10-15   15-20   20-25   25-30   More ____


Any problem relationships we should know about ahead of time?  Example: parents are divorced and don't speak to each other, children from previous marriage don't approve, etc.





Planning your wedding with the photography in mind

    1.  Have the flowers available for any pre-ceremony portraits.

    2.  Schedule plenty of preparation time.

    3.  Leave enough of a gap between people in the procession for two pictures to be taken.

    4.  Consider having bride and groom face the audience during the vows with the official standing with back to the crowd.


Outline of Ceremony - Provide a mark-up of the program indicating photo-ops, i.e. special music provided by bride's sister, organ played by groom's mother, ceremony performed by father, etc.

Please also fill out a Wedding Checklist.