Rebekah and Aaron Royer

Below is a link to the previews from your wedding (3 index pages of 888 images).  Because we had two cameras recording the day's events, you will see that the previews change perspective, depending on who captures the image.  They are presented in roughly chronological order.  Remember, the images here are unretouched (for the most part) and provide the starting point for us to work with.  I have manipulated several of the images to help you see past the "rough" aspect of the previews.  When evaluating images, don't worry much about exposure, color, or cropping.  Those can easily be changed.  Instead, focus on expression and composition.  Take notes on a separate piece of paper of images that you like.  Once you have gone through them, give us a call and we can get together to help you choose your final images.

Anyone else who would like to order prints of an image can use the order form at the link below, call us at 513-735-2440, or e-mail us at

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