More Choices!
  In order to take full advantage of the many images made by Oak Haven Photography during your session, all of your previews are available online.  This allows you to see many more of the images that were captured during your session.  You can also share the selection process with friends and family, regardless of their location.  The downside to this is that the images that you will see online are in their raw format.  No enhancements have been attempted.  Please be aware as you view your previews that what you see is just the starting point in the creative process. 

Any of these images can be enhanced through color correction, exposure correction, cropping, converting to Black & White (or Sepia Tone), Vignetting, and other more subtle corrections.  Do not choose an image or disregard an image because of one of the factors listed above.  Instead, look for expressions and posing that are pleasing to you.

While you do not have to fill out an order form before you meet with Oak Haven to place your order, you may print out the appropriate form to help you in planning.
          Family Order Form
Family Package Order Form
Senior Order Form
Senior Package Order Form
          Senior Check List - Before your session
          Senior Check List - After your session

If you are ordering wallets and would like to know your options for personalizing them with your name, check out our Finishing Options page.


Projects currently available for viewing. 
(These galleries are password protected.)

Ahern, Drew
Ahern, Hannah
Aherm Luke
Bayerl Family
Bernert Family
Berning, Allison
Bolitho, Marcella
Bowling, Heather
Bowling, Rachel
Bowling, Samantha
Bullock, Nathan
Burdsall, Chris
Burdsall, Meghan
Carlier / Shamblen
Carson, Bonnie & Greg
Christie, Tim
Cole, Crissy
Dales, Josh
Dance Etc. 20th Reunion
Dance Etc. Christmas 2015
Dance Etc. Head Shots
Day, Christopher
Dean, Jessica
Dresbach / Bissett Wedding
Emery, Ryley
Ferguson, Patrick
Findley, Adam
Francis Children 2011
Francis Children 2012
Fricke / Janis
Garrett Family
Gasper, Taylor
Gilkerson Family
Gocon Family
Gordon, Marisa
Hannan, Jon
Hannan, Monica
Hickman, David
Hickman Family
Hoffman, James
Hornback / Simms
Hunt, Chris
Jackson, Laura
Jefferson, Michael
Jones Family
Kilgore, Sarah
Kingsley Family
Kingsley, Aaron
Kingsley, Nathan
Kirk / Hickman
Landmark Eagles
Marian's 80th Birthday
Marks Children 2012
Mars Hill Faculty & Staff
McGinnis Family
McJilton, Ashley
Meza Family
Miller, Andrew
Moore, Kaitlyn
Muth, Caroline
Muth, Gretchen
Newberry, Jake
Newberry, Tracy
Plazarin, Danny
Pride, Jessica
Reinhart, Michelle
Riggs, Ethan
Robinson Family
Royer /
Meese Engagement
Royer / Meese Wedding
Sanders, Tyler
Schaefer, Stormi
Schultz, Maria
Schmid, Bill
Sebolt, Josh
Simmermon Family
Simms, Ethan
Simms, Hope
Simon, Dale
Simon, Rahn
Smith, Brenden
Smith, Creighton
Smith Family
Snyder, Nick
Spaeth, Doug
Spencer, Jimmy
Spencer, Laura
Spinner, Sarah
Tillotson Family
Tillotson, Zach
Thomas, Renae
Tollefson, Angie
Tyler, Josh
Twitt, Ashley
Underwood, Nate
Vaughn, Mikaela
Wallace Family
Warner, Elizabeth
Warner, Tim
Williams, Alice
Williams, Leanna

Wolfe Family
Young / Lambert Engagement
Young / Lambert Wedding


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